At Ringkøbing Fjord Museer , we have many dedicated volunteers who all contribute in their own way to preserving and communicating our shared cultural heritage to all of us. It's something we are proud of, and not without reason.

Some volunteers help bring history to life, and some preserve it by helping to restore old buildings. Others stir the pots and provide the food, or take a job as a parking attendant at big events. Still others go all out like wild Vikings.

Do you want to volunteer too?

As a volunteer at Ringkøbing Fjord Museer you have many opportunities to contribute to the museum's work. We are looking for volunteers to help communicate history, to help with practical tasks at events and events, to build exhibitions, to maintain the listed and preservation-worthy buildings and much, much more.

As a volunteer, you will be responsible for specific tasks defined in agreement with the museum's contact person. We will provide you with the information and background knowledge necessary for you to carry out these tasks.

As a thank you for your efforts, we can offer you

  • Annual passes for museum departments and events
  • Social community and good experiences
  • Free admission to museum lectures and public university lectures

Sign up as a volunteer

If you would also like to volunteer at Ringkøbing Fjord Museer, please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you.

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