Explore the power of nature

In Naturkraft the whole family can learn more about how the forces of nature affect us - and what happens when we try to tame them. During the fall holidays, the mystery spreads like a blanket over Naturkraft, offering new experiences - and as something new, it can also be experienced in the dead of night... Older children and adults can embark on solving the murder mystery, and the youngest members of the family can explore the mysteries of nature.

December 9 at 11:00: The history of the Christmas tree and green forest elves


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What our guests say

Karen Beebe Kristensen

April 12, 2023


Excellent location

Another state-of-the-art Danish museum. Excellent place for active kids complete with a nice cafe with reasonably priced lunch and snacks. Can easily spend the best part of the day there. Close to beaches, other outdoor activities and shopping.

Arne Jensen

March 18, 2022


Can only recommend this place

It is a fantastic place, both for young and old. There are many exciting activities and we got a good and professional guide tour. With many good stories, the staff are very professional, you can clearly feel the passion for the job. Can only recommend this place.

Liselotte Lykke Mikkelsen

July 29, 2022


SUCH a lovely day

We were there on a Thursday in week 30 and it was SUCH a lovely day! We could easily have spent the whole day there! Feel free to bring a packed lunch so the fun can last longer

Hanna Kristensen

March 11, 2022


Nice and manageable place

A really nice and manageable place with lots of experiences about Danish nature, the power of nature, the role of man, climate and much more. Here, children and adults can learn many things in joint activity / play.

Maria M

March 25, 2023


We had booked a private wind show, which was great

Were there as a group of about 50 scouts. We had booked a private wind show, which was great (Rene was just great at keeping the kids engaged). There were some really good things to try around the park - both inside and outside. Especially the expeditions were super. Here, at one of them, a guide went around and told. All in all, super service!

Tanja Kicza

March 4, 2023


Had so much fun

Discovered it by accident and had so much fun. As an adult, you become a child again.

Jürgen Hort

March 9, 2023


Lots of information on nature

Just amazing and lots of information about nature. A must for young and old. Been there twice now and you always discover something new.

Sabine Diering

March 7, 2023


Lots to experience

This park is recommended without exception. There is a lot to experience and try. The staff is super friendly and competent. We felt very comfortable here. Thank you very much for this...

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