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Address and parking

  • Where is Naturkraft located and can I park?

    The address is Naturparken 10, 6950 Ringkøbing.

    You are a pedestrian:
    For those of you who come to Naturkraft on foot, there are paths from Ringkøbing to Naturkraft. The paths begin at Kastengevej and Holstebrovej/Amtmandens Allé, and here is the sign to Naturkraft.

    You arrive by bike:
    By bike, you can also use the trails. In fact, you can cycle right up to the entrance.

    We take care of you and your bike, because close to the entrance you'll find a bike station. Here you can air up your tires and borrow the tools you need to get your bike in good shape for the journey ahead.

    Please note that cycling is not allowed on highway 15.

    You arrive by car with a handicap sign:
    There is disabled parking in two places in the area outside Naturkraft: At the entrance and in the parking lot closest to Naturkraft.

    Arriving by car:
    Cars arrive at Naturkraft via highway 15 - the ring road that leads around Ringkøbing.
    There is a parking lot at Naturkraft, and parking is free.

    You are welcome to drive down to the drop-off zone if you have someone in your party who has a walking disability. You can then park in the parking lot and follow the path to Naturkraft.

    If you come by electric car, you can charge your car during your visit. We have four stands with a total of eight charging points.

    The company Sperto manages the charging points. On their website it is possible to see if there is an available charging point and the current price.


Times and duration

  • How long does a visit to Naturkraft last?

    A visit typically takes between three and four hours. Of course, it all depends on how much you get involved in the games and activities. Some will spend less time, while others will spend more time in Naturkraft.
    We find that families with children in particular spend the whole day in Naturkraft.
  • Times and prices

    Opening hours for the whole year

    February 11 - May

    Mondays: closed (but open February 13 & 20, April 3 & 10 and May 29)

    Tuesday - Sunday: 10 - 16

    Admission: 130 kr.

    Children 3-17 years: 95 kr.

    June 1 - June 23

    All days 10 am - 4 pm

    Admission: 130 kr.

    Children 3-17 years: 95 kr.

    June 24 - August

    All days 10 am - 5 pm

    Admission: 130 kr.

    Children 3-17 years: 95 kr.


    All days 10 am - 4 pm

    Admission: 130 kr.

    Children 3-17 years: 95 kr.

    October, October

    Every day 10 am - 4 pm

    Evening open: October 10, 16, 17 and 24 18-21

    Admission: 130 kr.

    Children 3-17 years: 95 kr.

    November - December 17

    Thursday - Sunday: 11 - 16

    Admission: 130 kr.

    Children 3-17 years: 95 kr.

    All days open for groups and schools contact

    December 18 - December 31

    Closed but open for groups contact

    Subject to change without notice.

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  • Can I bring my dog on Naturkraft?

    Yes, dogs are welcome in Naturkraft. Dogs must be kept on a leash and supervised at all times. Dogs are also allowed inside the main building - except in the café.

Children and young people

  • I am going to visit Naturkraft with children, what are my options?

    There are plenty of activities for both young and old at Naturkraft, and there are also baby changing facilities. You are very welcome to bring prams and pushchairs to Naturkraft, there are gravel paths, so it is easy to get around the site.

Disability issues

  • I have a disability, what are my options?

    Naturkraft is designed so that everyone can have a good experience. in the main building there is an elevator, but you can also get back and forth between floors via 'Holmsland Klit', which serves as both an exhibition and a ramp. There are disabled parking spaces closest to the entrance to Naturkraft and disabled toilets in the main building.

Food and drink

  • Can you eat and drink at Naturkraft?

    Yes!!! There is a café in Naturkraft where you can always buy food and drinks. The kitchen closes 30 min before the museum.

    You can also bring your own packed lunch. You can enjoy it in an area inside the main building or, if the weather is nice, you can sit outside. There are both tables and benches available and you are welcome to bring a blanket and find a cozy nook.


  • Do I need to bring special clothing?

    Naturkraft is set in beautiful open countryside, so dress for the weather, it can be chilly when the sun is not shining.


  • Can I smoke on Naturkraft?

    Smoking is not allowed on Naturkraft's premises. Guests are advised to smoke outside Naturkraft's area.

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