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You may not think about it in your everyday life, but Ringkøbing Fjord Museer works every single day for our local cultural history. We preserve thousands of objects, each telling a small piece of the history of West Jutland. We research history, and every day we learn more. We communicate history to local schoolchildren and to all the guests who visit our many museums every year.

As a non-profit institution, the museum is approved to seek compensation for VAT, and in this way we get more money to work with and for the history of West Jutland. However, to maintain the approval again in 2023, we must receive at least one hundred donations of at least DKK 200 before December 18th.

How to support!

You can transfer money to the museum via a bank transfer or via MobilePay. We are happy with any amount - large or small. If you transfer at least DKK 200, your donation will be worth even more through VAT reimbursement.

If you are several people who want to support, it is better that you pay individually rather than pooling the money into a single payment.

Transfers in Denmark:

  • Bank transfer: Reg. no. 7780 account no. 235 72 42
  • MobilePay 83589

Transfers from abroad:

  • IBAN: DK2977800002023406. Write "GAVEFOND".

You can deduct the amount in SKAT

If you donate DKK 200 or more, you can deduct the amount from your tax. If you want SKAT to automatically deduct the amount from your tax return, you must also state your civil registration number when making the transfer. It is also important that you state your name and address.

If you have any questions, please contact the museum on tel. 97 36 23 43 or

Thank you for your support!

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