23. april kl. 15:30: Fiskefodring

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In Fiskeriets Hus you will find both a saltwater and a freshwater aquarium.

In the saltwater aquarium you can see the different environments the fish live in. The animals' habitat is the North Sea and especially the area off Hvide Sande.

In our saltwater aquarium you can see a wide variety of fish and benthic animals from the North Sea. Among other things, we have exciting sharks, beautiful turbot and fun flatfish.

The aquariums are a representation of nature, with hiding places for the fish in sandy bottoms, behind rocks or debris. For example, when you visit the aquarium, try to find our wreck-dwelling Ballan wrasse. It lives on debris at the bottom of the North Sea. And can you find the almost invisible flatfish flounders and plaice? Or go in search of turbot and sole, which are very good at camouflaging themselves on the seabed so that they are not easily spotted by other predatory fish.

You should definitely see our eels when you visit us. At the same time, you can learn the exciting story of the eel. Where and how long has it been in the area, how has it been fished, what has it been used for? In short, what importance has the eel (had) in the area.

In our petting zoo, children can get up close and personal with fish, crabs and starfish. It's great fun to get a feel for the fish and touch them - if you can catch them!

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