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The exhibitions at Ringkøbing Fjord Museer are just the tip of the iceberg. In our three warehouses - two in Skjern and one in Ringkøbing - we store thousands of objects, all telling the story of West Jutland's distant and not so distant history.

The objects are tucked away under lock and key in dark, climate-controlled storage rooms. But they are all waiting for their turn to be included in exhibitions, articles, research projects, lectures, school service events and much more. And they are waiting for you. If there is something you would like to take a closer look at, or if you would like to know what Ringkøbing Fjord Museer has in the way of material on the particular subject that interests you, visit the collections department in Skjern.

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Local History Archive in Skjern

Ringkøbing Fjord Museer runs the local archive in Skjern, as an integral part of the museum's collection work. The local archive material is housed together with objects, photos and research material from 10,000 years of West Jutland's cultural history.

Industrivej 16, 6900 Skjern
Tel. 97 35 26 44

See opening hours of the archive

Ringkøbing Local History Archive

Ringkøbing Museumsforening runs the local history archive in Ringkøbing. You can contact the archive here

Local History Archive in Hvide Sande

Fiskeriets Hus runs the local archive in Hvide Sande, as an integral part of the museum's collection work.

The local history archive is open by appointment. Contact Fiskeriets Hus at info@fiskerietshus.dk or tel. 97 31 26 10

Local archives in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality

You can find all other local history archives in the municipality here.

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