26. marts kl. 15:30: Fiskefodring

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Trafalgar Road

Trafalgarvej (Danish).

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In 1898, the Finnish schooner is traveling with its crew of 8 men. One November night, the ship sails off the west coast. In the hold are planks of wood. The ship is heavily loaded. Out at sea, the ship springs a leak and starts taking on water. The crew has to cut the rigging to keep the ship upright. During the night, the wind grows into a storm. The stormy fall weather has taken hold of the sea. The waves are high and the ship takes a beating from the fierce squalls. The ship's course is out of the crew's control. 

On November 6, just before dawn, the ship runs aground. It is 30 meters from the coast at Sdr. Lyngvig. At 4.45 am, the ship makes contact with the rescue station, which sends out rescue crews. They arrive at 6.15 am at the stranding site.

With a rescue chair, the rescuers bring all 8 crew members ashore. The wooden planks are still intact and the cargo is salvaged. The ship cannot be saved, it is wrecked.


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